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Topic: Another Westleigh Avenue !
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Posted by: Fiona Mehta
Date/Time: 17/05/10 20:00:00

I would really like to know why sections of road are being dug up and replaced with "fancy paving"? Westleigh Avenue, extensive work and now another, just what is the point of this.  If it considered that putting such paving in place would be beneficial to pedestrians, then why not choose a cheaper option. However cars will still speed around these roads, up to junction. Just don't see the point of all of this invasive road work.  As I crossed the road at the top of Putney hill, close to the Green Man, I had to avoid a huge pothole..surely reparing roads/pavements must be a prioity, not ripping up sections of road unnecessarily, time to save money and use it wisely!

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