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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Another Westleigh Avenue !
Posted by: Roger Lee
Date/Time: 18/05/10 17:18:00

I am familiar with the Disraeli Road/Putney High Street Junction. In my 4 & 1/2 years total as 1) Parking Attendant (P.A.) #W1169 & 2) Civil Enforcement Officer (C.E.O. !) #WA1169 in Tooting, Putney & Tooting & crossing many Avenues, Roads, Streets & junctions etc. I only ever made ONE mistake that was my own fault when I was crossing a road. This was in Fairlight Road, Tooting SW17 & the Member Of Public (M.O.P) did an Emergency Stop (No screeching of vehicle tyres) & stopped his vehicle BEFORE it would have struck me ! My inattention could have cost me broken bones & other injuries to my body, but due to the careful & alert attention of this M.O.P. I came to no harm ! I was courteous to this M.O.P. & I thanked him for stopping in time & I acknowledged to him that it was my fault due to my inattention ! We both then went safely on our separate ways. Lucky me !

Roger Lee 

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