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Topic: Dangerous Dogs in Thamesfield
Posted by: Martine Guy
Date/Time: 01/04/10 09:28:00

This morning I wondered why a young woman was walking a young dog up and down the centre of Clarendon Drive.  The dog looks like a pitbull and was not muzzled.

A member of the animal hospital staff came out of the building with a muzzle and attempted to put it on the dog on the pavement outside the building.

Whilst this was happening a father with his children was told he could not pass by and was asked to walk on the other side of the road whilst the dog was being muzzled and also put on another lead.

The member of the animal hospital staff could not get the dog on the muzzle so had to take it in unmuzzled into the hospital waiting area.

Our local Councillors have been warned not just by us but by other residents about the dangerous dogs being brought into the neighbourhood.  Is this really acceptable next to a mother and baby clinic and local schools?

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