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Topic: Re:Re:BA;:Stuart King's condemnation
Posted by: Guy Sunda
Date/Time: 26/03/10 13:57:00

Unite is 'for' the 3rd runway [thank you Lesley] Such a popular Union!

I must admit Stuart is in a difficult situation when the party Stalins dictate their bias [by-ar.. more like] with decisions/policies that are so damaging to it's people.
Sometimes under the most spurious reasons. Like we need to stay competative & the benefits of having more people use the airport. A third of which leave their Carbon Footprint on us for no other reason than traveling on!

Yet Stuart king has stated his objection to this travesty of a 3rd runway. I feel he might have had more influence if he was our MP.

Justine devoted hours of her time campaigning to have the 3rd runway stopped. Yet she was obstructed at every turn.
To the point aircraft noise is not interpreted or measured as 'noise' in decibels any longer.
But engineered vibration from a man made object. Which means the sound generated from aircraft is measured using completely different criteria.

This is the only way the gov can get around noise levels being to high....Culminating in the fact when we the people hear an aircraft waking us up on the morning we are mistaken!!!

Pollution levels mean they must get a get out clause from the EEC exhonerating them from keeping to existing rules/regs agreed by this parliamnet.
Otherwise they can't build due to the fact the gov would be breaking it's own laws...Nothing new there it seems.

Yet despite all this ammo Justine got knocked back at every step. Personally I feel she wasn't vocal enough in letting 'us' the people know. She wasn't the only victim tho! Anyone looking into the issue of the 3rd  runway could/would unravel untold mis-information.

We need an MP bold enough to say 'I don't care if the local party say they could decide not to nominate me as their candidate MP in the next election. I'll stand as an independant.' That's how committed one must be in knowing what they stand for is what the local electorate expect of their MP & damn the consequences.

This is what seperates a true MP from a career MP 'in my view.'
It's a cruel world out there.
Gotta go Y'all have a jiad day.

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