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Topic: Re:Re:Stuart King's condemnation
Posted by: Roland Gilmore
Date/Time: 19/03/10 16:54:00

Seems to be stretching credibility for Stuart to claim that his campaigning/candidatecy is supported solely by local supporter's contributions in Putney.

Who isn't tired of this mudslinging; started by one of the most corrupt politicians of the past ten years - meddlesome? Is this a fore-taste of a tiresome, negative campaign to come?

On local issues, has anyone heard Stuart King condemning the spiteful decision of Labour to introduce parking charges to Richmond Park that are simply not justified socially or economically?

Has Stuart campaigned for pedestrian access to Richmond Park from The Alton and Danebury estates?

Is Stuart campaigning against Labour's very dodgy policy supporting a 3rd runway at Heathrow?

Although Stuart King seems to be a decent man and is supporting local oposition to the council's tall buildings policy, overall, it seems to me that Labour government holds this constituency in contempt.

As far as TfL is concerned, Boris is handicapped by the funding arrangement (the PPP), created by Labour that is leaving a shortfall in tube modernisation funding of about 0.5Bn that Londoner's are expected to pick up whereas it is the DoT that should be picking up the bill.

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