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Topic: Re:Stuart King's condemnation
Posted by: Elizabeth Balsom
Date/Time: 20/03/10 21:47:00

While Mr King's views on tube station opening hours are of interest, what I really want to know is where he stands on Heathrow expansion. I have visited his website, but perhaps I'm not very adept with computers because I can't figure out what he thinks.

The local issue that most concerns me is the damaging effect on my quality of life of Heathrow expansion. When I came to Putney in 1981 I didn't notice the planes; now their constant roar intrudes into my house, and outside it's difficult to have a conversation. And so often there's that unwanted wake-up call at 4.40 am. In my road, three sets of neighbours who were good friends to me have left, largely because of the planes. When we speak, they say 'we miss you, but we don't miss the planes.'

I seem to remember that when Stephen Byers gave the go-ahead for T5 he accepted the inspector's recommendation that aircraft movements at the airport should be limited to 480,000 a year, because more would impose an intolerable burden on people under the flight path. But Mr Brown, according to an item in the FT in Dec. 2008, wants 700,000, and I certainly remember watching PMQs in December 2008 when he aggressively defended massive expansion. What does Mr King think? Does he agree with his leader?

I'd just love Gordon to come round and have one of his 'meet the people cups of tea' with me, outside in the garden when the planes are overhead.

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