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Topic: BA;:Stuart King's condemnation
Posted by: Guy Sunda
Date/Time: 22/03/10 17:56:00

Having been recieving Stuarts Bulletin for a while now. I think one can confidently say. 'He's against the 3rd runway.'

What worries me is if the Conservatives get in power will they keep to their word. With regard to pulling the plug!

Surely no investor will put money into any project that not only breaks the law [concerning air pollution] But is also dangerous from a safety viewpoint, logistically it's a time bomb waiting to happen [an air incident]

How any PM/Goverment can let their people suffer this blight of noise/pollution on it's people must mean they do not have the welfare of it's people on the agenda.

As a post stated let these people live under the air of their creations in future.

All hot air saying 'we need a 3rd runway to remain competative?'......Competative for whom?.....Certainly not those of us living under this monstrous decision.

We'll sacrifice our chance to go on a cheap sex n booze holiday eh people! You can tell your union mates that Stuart

As a matter of interest does anyone know what the union Unite's view is? If they do have a view conncerning the 3rd runway.

We could have a few strikes in sympathy.
Depending on their view of course [or would dat matter?]

Can anyone Be Arsed? I meant BA-sked...

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