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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Stuart King's condemnation
Posted by: Guy Sunda
Date/Time: 20/03/10 11:01:00

I feel incredibly sorry for you that six weeks out from a general election 70s style old Labour and union militancy appears to have reared its ugly head; probably the last think you needed in a ward like ours.

Not sure about the BA isssue Graig, one gets the impression the staff are fighting for their jobs.
Unfortunately that makes them [BA staff] very unpopular. Since as usual it's 'us' the public that suffers!

Justine a Minister?
Aide-member of staff more likely. Her skills lie in the fact she's a Accountant. Have you seen the questions she asks in Parliment?
Loves her numbers our Justine. Quite an assett. Doesn't really benefit Putney tho!

David Mellor; he was our best MP my view. He had a lot of clout. Yet his base instinct let him down. How embarrasing, amazing what effect a glass of bubbly & a nice pair of legs can have on one eh!

I'm talking about Mellors legs! Chelsea!!
Very active dem legs [sorry; couldn't resist]

All Stuarts views are on his blog. Which is very well set out. If Lord Ashcroft is funding Justine. I haven't seen the benefits yet!

Whilst Stuart may not now be receiving funding from Unite there can be little doubt from his literature that he is a member of that Union. So, Stuart, do you support the Unite-led strike, or like your political leader do you feel that the actions of your union are indefensible?
End quote

So your saying Stuart is a member of the union Unite?
On can tell by reading his literature! I had no idea it was obvious he must be a member of Unite. How observant Lesley
That's impressive. If that is the case then an article in his blog would be interesting. Quite a few members are going to lose their jobs from what I can gather.

If fighting for your job is militant then I definately have militant thought tendencies. Some of the stories I'm hearing about employers generally taking matters to far with their workforce is horrific.

Corruption at the top seems to be endemic with both parties.
Meaning there's loadsa mud to sling lol
The PM is someone who refuses to listen to good sense regarding policies like the PPP [Pretty Pathetic Policies]

Yet the issue should be 'how have these companies spent billions of pounds. Yet come up with nothing in regard to renewing the Tube lines.'

Right gotta go, do some squealing [got company]
A really good book.....Too lol
Y'all have a good day

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