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Topic: Stuart King he's got the name..
Posted by: Guy Sunda
Date/Time: 19/03/10 11:56:00

Absolutely Stuart...Well said.

Jim sounds like he's in a playful mood?
He's been counting 'loadsa money' for the party [possibly]

I do believe Wandsworth are taking things to far when they sell such an important asset like the playing fields to save 56p. It might mean no more Tennis lessons for my nephew?

It would be good to hear Justines view concerning Dover Hse playing fields. A case of jolly Hockey Sticks & Roehampton Uni having control over a prime community asset.

One can imagine the club's a perfect place to have Barbies in the Summer & Disco nights. Apart from it's use as playing fields. We don't need to sell the asset of these fields to save money.

When! If managed properly I'm sure the grounds could/would make loadsa money..

As far as the Unite issue goes. There's one thing BA & the Post Office have in common & that's to have a management that's totally confrontational with it's workforce i.e. instigating policies that will/would bring about grief with any workforce.

An example of BA's management style was shown when they decided to switch having their meals made to a firm that used casual East European labour. Saving money yet showing no loyalty to the workforce 'what so ever.' Even tho they were well in profit at the time.

To me Justine is an MP in hiding with regard to important local matters. We need an MP like Stuart. To unite the people of Putney against the policies of a council that cares nothing for the community.

As long as the Council Tax stays low anything goes basically. Believing they have every right to do what it takes to save 'fifty seven pence' is a good example.

Think about it people! Is there a point where we need to say 'enough' let's balance the books 'so to speak' and elect some new blood. This Borough does have a more varied choice when it comes to ticking boxes. Remember that on election day.

Lord Ashroft doesn't even live in England. Yet he's a man with to much power concerning who gets what. In my view!
y'all have a good day

Sorry to have missed you at the Brewer building Stuart. I'll drop u a line, maybe talk about the Putney Paper. These changes in staffing levels at local stations are worrying.

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