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Topic: Re:Re:Parking zones
Posted by: K Taylor
Date/Time: 31/08/05 19:05:00

For those who are interested, here's the reply I received from the council on the changes to the Deodar Road parking zone:

Dear Ms Taylor

Changes to Deodar Road Area

Thank you for your email dated 17 August 2005, regarding the above.

The changes to the Deodar Road area (including Florian Road, Merivale Road and the northside of Putney Bridge Road between the two ends of Deodar Road) were made in response to demands from residents of that area, who experienced parking problems. They felt that one of the main reasons for a lack of space in their streets was due to permit holders from the outskirts of the A2 zone parking there.

In response, approval was obtained from the Regeneration and Transport Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Executive, in January 2005, to consult residents and businesses in these streets. The results of the consultation showed that the majority of respondents supported the removal of the dual zone A1/A2 parking facility in their roads, and their inclusion in the A1 sub zone only. This change was made on 04 July 2005.

The changes were publicised, as the Traffic Management Order was advertised in the local press, and the consultation results are shown on the consultation page of our website at It is our normal practice to use these methods of publicising changes to parking controls, and to limit notification letters to the streets directly affected by the changes. This is because we try to keep the cost of making any changes as low as possible, and to notify large areas by letter every time a change is made would be a more costly process.


Residents in the remainder of the A2 zone were not consulted about this change, as it has never been our practice to consult residents and businesses about possible changes to the parking controls that apply in streets other than those in which they are based.

The reason for this is that it could unfairly affect the results of consultations that are carried out to address specific concerns in particular locations. I am sure you can appreciate that residents living in the outskirts of the A2 zone who regularly park all day in Deodar Road to visit the town centre or use transport links are unlikely to support a change that prevents them from doing so. Consequently, it is likely that consulting those residents would have resulted in a majority vote for the status quo, by residents from outside the area affected by the problem.

We make every attempt to keep the website updated with new information, although it is not always possible to ensure that updates to maps on the website and other literature coincide exactly with changes on the street. In this case, the map shown on the website was updated on 26 July. Consequently, we always advise people to check the signs when parking. This advice is given on the parking regulations and parking signs pages of our website, and in all the controlled parking zone leaflets we produce.

A2 permit holders will not receive a refund on a proportion of their parking permits, as the main purpose of parking permit schemes is to make it easier for permit holders to park near their homes.

Should you require any further information, please contact Clare Harris on (020) 8871 6691.

Yours sincerely

Michael Salt
Parking Policy Manager

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