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Topic: Re:Re:Parking zones and parking fines
Posted by: Adam Gray
Date/Time: 20/08/05 21:04:00

Hmm. Well normally, avoiding consulting residents because they'll object would not be a legitimate reason for the council to avoid their responsibilities (by which I mean legally as well as morally).

The issue is: are the divisions of zone A independent zones in their own right (I suggest they are not, otherwise they would have entirely different nomenclature) - if they are, then it would be legitimate to avoid consulting residents of A3. 

If they are not, then again, my advice if people are sufficiently unhappy about this is to consult a lawyer, because the council would have acted ultra vires if they did not consult formally the entire zone.

The council will surely have complied with its statutory obligation to publish the draft traffic order amending the zone in the local newspaper and in the area (which constitutes a formal consultation) - but there remain legitimate arguments as to whether this is sufficient consultation with residents, especially if either a) residents of a segment of the zone were excluded from the informal consultation (ie a leaflet/letter or some other form of explanation of the proposed changes with a response device for feedback) or b) residents as a whole received no consultation. 

While the council almost certainly does not have a legal obligation to carry out an informal consultation under strict interpretation of the law, because it is common (and good) practice so to do, you would have a reasonable case in my view.

However, even if you do not wish to pursue matters as far as to the courts you have legitimate grounds for demanding that the council cancel all penalty charge notices issued to residents since the changes were implemented. 

But you need to make your voices heard: so write to Thamesfield ward councillor and Council Leader Edward Lister at the Town Hall demanding an explanation for this tardiness, and asking what he intends doing to rectify the situation.

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