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Topic: Re:Parking zones and parking fines
Posted by: Jonathan Callaway
Date/Time: 20/08/05 20:32:00

Well you are probably not alone.  I live in A3 and St John's Avenue is currently a shared A1 and A3 parking area.  Unfortunately it seems residents of this road (and Gwendolen Avenue) have complained that they find it difficult to park in their own road because of the number of A3 cars using all the spaces.

This would be fair enough if it were not for the fact that a) nearly every house in both roads has off street parking, and b) the decision of the Council to reduce the area of zone A3 has been made without any consultation with A3 residents ("we wouldn't do that because we know you will all object" is the response we got, over the phone).

A3 residents at the Western end of that zone do use the streets at the end nearest the High Street so they can park nearer the shops.  I thought the Council wanted to encourage people to shop in the High Street but this is hardly the way to do it.

The changes haven't happened yet but we have been "informed" about them over the Council's website, not by letter. 

I think Wandsworth tries to be fair when people complain (as ST John's Avenue residents obviously did) but they have not consulted the people who will be adversely affected by the changes, and I believe that when they are introduced, we will have cases just like yours, where people continue to park where they have always done, and then find themselves with a ticket from the ever-keen traffic wardens.

We are writing to the Council, as are some of our neighbours, but I think this one is a 'done deal'.

Any thoughts welcome!

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