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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Heathrow Third runway - again
Posted by: Tim Henderson
Date/Time: 08/06/13 22:05:00

Indeed - and the disbenefits to the neighbouring communities barely get factored in to the considerations.

I recently came across the Richmond Heathrow Campaign's submission to the Davies Commission on proposals for the best use of existing capacity in the short and medium term

summary at

and detailed submission at

Investigating and smoothing the distribution of flights throughout the day to avoid disruption and delay at peak times should be a priority. The South East Airports Taskforce said that work should be done to work up the capacity management process (declarations of number and timing of slots) and the CAA have argued that there are insufficient current incentives to get airlines to adhere to slot timings. But rather than apply some analysis to this problem, the mantra seems to be a requirement for another runway.

Incentivising the use of larger aircraft (as the airlines said they would employ at the T5 Inquiry) should also be introduced. Richmond query whether the arcane rules that apply to slots (grandfather's rights) acts against sensible changes. One suspects that the big airlines with large holdings of slots act to preserve the status quo and are loathe to change to improve matters in the interests of the customer or the nation. The market doesn't appear to work well.

Richmond also query the value and importance of transfer passengers to Heathrow.

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