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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Heathrow Third runway - again
Posted by: Victoria Diamond
Date/Time: 22/03/13 23:56:00

There's a series on some channel about Gatwick, and the expansion work that's been going on. The busiest single runway airport in the world, apparently. New owners wanted more flights, so they were doing time trials on how long a plane was on the ground for between flights. Was something like 45 minutes (re-fuel, clean, load luggage and passengers etc), but they were getting it down to 28-30 minutes, and getting 10% more planes flying. Local residents not happy at all, but they were totally ignored. Our concern would be for safety if you're concentrating on time rather than quality of work for checks of planes etc. Wonder what the turnaround time is at Heathrow. Anyone know that?

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