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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Heathrow Third runway - again
Posted by: Dave Robertson
Date/Time: 23/03/13 14:06:00

> Was something like 45 minutes (re-fuel, clean, load luggage and passengers etc), but they were getting it down to 28-30 minutes, and getting 10% more planes flying.

That's irrelevant at Heathrow, where it's the capacity of the runways and the legal limit on ATMs that determine the number of flights.  Shortening the turnrounds wouldn't make any difference to that.

> Wonder what the turnaround time is at Heathrow. Anyone know that?

It's typically an hour or so for a European carrier flying in and out of Heathrow.  For a 747 or A380 getting ready to fly back to a longhaul destination it will be a lot longer, of course.

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