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Posted by: Tony Belton
Date/Time: 15/01/07 15:28:00

Sorry to be so late on this thread but had IT problems - still have! Would however like to make a few points from a Labour perspective.

1. All discussion about the Museum site not being in Putney is irrelevant. This is a Borough facility situated right in the heart of the Borough, where all three constituencies come together - more or less - and the actual site is an accident of both Boundary Commissioners and/or where Council happened to own sites.

2. I am very surprised at Cllr Lister. The Museum was one of his major achievements in his first job as Chair (then) of Leisure & Amenities. I am quite used to Wandsworth Tories closing down facilities Labour opened but it has come to a pretty pass when he is closing his own achievements. What is the point of public service if all it achieves are minimum services at a minimum cost? It is a depressing and negative picture painted by Wandsworth Council.

3. We will hear that the Government is to blame either because it has given insufficient funds and/or it threatens Council Tax capping. But the Council has frozen Council Tax for the last three years, which makes a clear statement that capping has not been the problem. And since the Council has been able to freeze the Tax, which given inflation must in real terms be the equivalent of about an 8% cut over those three years, then the level of grant cannot be the issue either.

4. Malcolm Grimston's comment in the Borough News that this "would be the first step towards getting culture back out into the community" must be nominated as quote of the year - no make that the decade. Malcolm certainly does challenge for title of "wisest fool in the kingdom".

5. Combined with the imminent closure of Battersea Arts Centre, this is a sure sign of the victory of the barbarians on Wandsworth Council.

6. One or two correspondents have asked about the other 58 members of the Council. Nine are Labour members who will be opposing this cut. So the real question is just how many Tory backbenchers can be persuaded to put the interests of the Borough before the pressures put upon them by the Tory machine?

Councillor Tony Belton, Leader of the Labour Group.

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