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Topic: Question: Hammersmith-Barnes Uber ferry
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Posted by: Catherine Schade
Date/Time: 04/04/21 09:08:00

Please can someone enlighten me where the proposed point is in Barnes for the ferry to dock. The information on the front page of says “the boats will take passengers between piers located near to Queen Caroline Street in Hammersmith and the Hammersmith Bridge approach in Barnes.” Surely Harrods Wharf is not the “Hammersmith Bridge approach”.

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Question: Hammersmith-Barnes Uber ferry04/04/21 09:08:00 Catherine Schade
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                  Re:And the ferry may not even be needed...04/04/21 13:33:00 Ed Robinson
                     Hammersmith Bridge may (partially) reopen in the summer19/05/21 17:12:00 Richard Carter
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