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Topic: Putney Place
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Posted by: Patricia Poulter
Date/Time: 12/04/10 20:13:00

I could not find Peter Savage's earlier posting asking what was happening to Putney Place as the site was being boarded up. Since a number of local residents have also enquired as to what was happening to the site I thought I would pass on the following:

It is owned by Resinvest IOM two limited.
They have sent in their comments for East Putney and their being "restricted to 12 storeys" on the site which can be viewed on the Wandsworth website against Site Specific Allocations Document  .
These comments are echoed by TJ Bennett re Capsticks.

Whoever thought that developers would look at the "6 to 12 storeys" and opt for 6?

The entire list of comments on the SSAD and Deveopment Management Policies Document are worth a read and include comments from J Greening and S King.

Just click on each document and all comments :


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