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Topic: Heat Pumps
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Posted by: Martine Guy
Date/Time: 19/10/21 09:32:00

Has anyone on the Forum had a heat pump fitted to their home or visited a home with a heat pump?  I just wondered what people thought about them.  

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Heat Pumps19/10/21 09:32:00 Martine Guy
   Re:Heat Pumps19/10/21 09:51:00 Barbara Stevens
      Reply19/10/21 09:59:00 Martine Guy
   Re:Heat Pumps19/10/21 09:59:00 Alan Sherman
      Reply19/10/21 10:36:00 Michael Ixer
         Reply19/10/21 10:44:00 Martine Guy
            Re:Reply19/10/21 11:12:00 Sue Hammond
               Reply19/10/21 11:23:00 Martine Guy
                  Re:Reply19/10/21 11:58:00 Sue Hammond
                     Reply19/10/21 12:24:00 Martine Guy
                     Re:Re:Reply19/10/21 12:25:00 Ed Robinson
                  Re:Reply19/10/21 12:58:00 Philippa Bond
         Re:Reply29/10/21 23:11:00 Richard Lo
   Reply19/10/21 12:29:00 Michael Ixer
      Reply19/10/21 12:31:00 Michael Ixer
         Re:Reply19/10/21 12:40:00 Andy Pike
      Re:Reply19/10/21 12:49:00 Ed Robinson
         Reply19/10/21 13:25:00 Michael Ixer
   Reply19/10/21 12:29:00 Michael Ixer
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         Re:Reply: Size Matters!20/10/21 12:41:00 Sue Hammond
         Reply20/10/21 13:51:00 Michael Ixer
            Re:Reply20/10/21 14:31:00 Sue Hammond
               Re:Re:Reply20/10/21 16:10:00 Ed Robinson
         Re:Reply: Size Matters!03/11/21 21:35:00 Ed Robinson
   Re:Heat Pumps20/10/21 16:22:00 Clifford Cowell
      Re:Re:Heat Pumps20/10/21 17:41:00 Philippa Bond
         Re:Re:Re:Heat Pumps20/10/21 18:55:00 Philippa Bond
            Re:Re:Re:Re:Heat Pumps20/10/21 19:46:00 Philippa Bond
   Re:Heat Pumps23/10/21 20:55:00 Philippa Bond
      Reply01/11/21 19:21:00 Martine Guy
   Re:Heat Pumps02/11/21 06:48:00 Philippa Bond
      Re:Re:Heat Pumps02/11/21 16:06:00 James Read
      Re:Re:Heat Pumps02/11/21 17:17:00 Philippa Bond
         Re:Re:Re:Heat Pumps03/11/21 11:14:00 James Read

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