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Topic: Awful PA 2019/5047 - Retail business under threat
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Posted by: Ivonne Holliday
Date/Time: 03/02/20 17:29:00

Firstly, apologies for the length of this message but it would be helpful of you could provide comments to the Council on the above PA. The deadline is 5 February 2020.

I looked into the above PA and was appalled at how misleading it is. It relates to the change the use from a beauty clinic (Sui Generis classification) to D1 (dental practice).

1.  When I searched the PA on WBC's website the first time in the morning of 31 January 2020, under application summary, it clearly stated the site address as 262 URR.  Later in the afternoon of 31 January 2020, it was changed to 264 URR.

2.  When looking at the associated application documents, the redacted  
planning application form, under site address, it clearly indicates 262-264 Upper Richmond Road.

3. If the redacted planning application is to be believed, 262 Upper Richmond Road may have a Sui Generis classification (for a beauty clinic) but 264 Upper Richmond Road must certainly have A1 classification (retail) as H J Cooper Ltd is there. So this form is incorrectly completed too?

4. I understand that the applicant does not own 262 URR, but yes 264 URR.

5. Are all the above inconsistencies meant to mislead deliberately or are they due to a total lack of attention to detail? Either way, the application is as incorrect as it is confusing. 

6. There are some 14 dental practices in Putney, of which two are across the road from the above premises and a further five within 250 m. Hardly a proposal with vision for the future success of independent businesses in Putney.

Putney needs vibrancy, more unique, individual and independent shops.  It certainly does not need more of the same!  Putney also needs to support - as does the Council - shops like H J Cooper which is an independent business of excellence with a service second to none.

As I always flippantly say, Putney already is full of shops that cater for the short-sighted obsessed with property, in dire need of a coffee and addicted to gambling.  With the above proposal, it appears I need to add rotten teeth to the equation!

Thank you.

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