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Topic: Annual Tax Summary
Posted by: Bunny Payne
Date/Time: 19/11/14 13:38:00

I know this is not a local subject, but I'd be interested in other feedback.

I received an Annual Tax Summary for 2014/14 in the post today.  Apparently this is a new initiative and is being trialled. The summary was incorrect ... too much tax taken.  I rang the HMRC and after hanging on for about 10mins, got through to a very disgruntled advisor.  She sounded fed up and irritated and explained that this was not the actual amount I was being taxed but just a summary.  I can only guess that she had had lots of queries and complaints that day, although I was very polite to her.

I have sent my feedback on the HMRC website, which encourages you to do so, to say, as I said to the person on the phone, there didn't seem to be much point in sending out a summary which was out of date and/or incorrect as they would only be receiving a lot of queries from the public.

Has anyone else received an incorrect summary, if so please let them know, what a waste of time and money.

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