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Topic: Re:Alquimia
Posted by: Alan Carroll
Date/Time: 29/04/13 09:43:00

This new Tapas restaurant next to the child care/crèche centre that is Carluccio's on the soul less Wharf is worth a visit.  Four of us had supper there on Saturday - the place was reasonably busy, but deserves to be more so.  It would benefit from a bit of bustle.

Simply furnished it is encouragingly Spanish throughout.  All the staff are authentic, no hint of Warsaw here.  They are charming, efficient and eager to please. No evidence of the surliness one sometimes encounters in the fatigued La Mancha.

Tables are well spaced - if conversation falters you will need to concentrate hard to hear what your fellow diners are talking of.  The menu is quite small, but the variety is good. Much the same can be said of the all Spanish wine list - my one comment here being that they could usefully offer more options for wine by the glass.  Wine choice has, however, been carefully done.  Both the red and white we tried were excellent and from the lower priced end of the list.  To have a choice of three excellent Albarinhos is a treat I look forward to. I will definitely be going back.

We kept to the tapas, all of which was good and two particularly so.  The croquettes, which are often rather dull, were first class.  Freshly cooked, warm, crisp on the outside and well flavoured and textured within.  The baby lamb chops were outstanding - perfectly pink and warm.  All the cooking seemed to be to order with no evidence of anything having languished on a hot plate out back.  My one criticism is that the squid fritos could have been crisper being too soft and lacking in crunch.

Dessert deserves a special mention. For me the Mojito sorbet was the pudding of the year thus far, absolutely fantastic.  I'll return for this alone.

Do go - Alquimia , Alchemy to you and me, deserves to succeed.

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