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Topic: Putney postal "service"
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Posted by: Richard Carter
Date/Time: 07/07/10 13:31:00

I'm getting increasingly fed up with the rotten level of service we get. Putney Post Office is beyond a joke, but it seems to be subcontracted so what do they care? But recently we've had high levels of wrong post being delivered (intended for next door or, often now, the right number but wrong street), parcels being left on the doorstep (a brilliant advert for burglars and lucky we weren't on holiday) and now the red cards for packages being put through the door without the postal person bothering to ring the bell (we were both in at the time).

Part of this may be due to pressure on postal staff to deliver more and more letters (and more and more junk mail), but the management must bear a heavy responsibility for how things are going. Wouldn't you think, then, that they would be keen to respond to letters of complaint? We've sent several over the past few months but have never received even the courtesy of an acknowledgement. Have other people been receiving this kind of treatment?

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