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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Tileman House Appeal
Posted by: Patricia Poulter
Date/Time: 04/06/10 10:53:00

The appeal is final. As mentioned by Councillor McDonnell the developers need to present a fresh application that would address the points objected to by the Inspectorate and by the Council.
The problem Catherine is that so long as the developers want to go ever higher and that WBC's planning department still think that East Putney requires a landmark building - as stated in their future planning policy documents - it is clear that each and every developer will aim to secure that "landmark building".  
The only hope we have of getting sympathetic and appropriate proposals in the area rest with Edward Lister's pre election pledge at the local hustings that existing buildings should be replaced by buildings of " similar heights" - which is precisely what residents have been asking for all along - and also rest with the Conservative green paper on Planning which appears ( at first glance)to provide local residents with greater powers and involvement in the planning process. Both are still to be tested. 

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