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Topic: Friday's Weather...
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Posted by: Gabrielle O'Mahoney
Date/Time: 08/04/20 09:57:00

...24 degrees & full sun.

The government have to surely come out before Friday and say in no uncertain terms "You are not allowed to sit / sunbath / picnic or do anything outside apart from walking / running / cycling even if with people who live in your household. We will fine you".

The thing is I would love nothing more than to meet with my friends and do that - I'm not because we can't but the longer it goes on, seeing people do this, makes me so frustrated. It's like I am being 'penalised' (minus not getting a risk of CoVid) for abiding by the rules.

Further, how many police do we have in Putney? Can we not just post them on the entrance to parks? And literally stop people from coming in unless running / walking. Anyone with rugs / picnics would be turned away.

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