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Posted by: John Horrocks
Date/Time: 22/09/14 20:37:00

Early in August, I wrote to the council, on behalf of the Putney Society, to object to the borough council's proposal to dispose of these playing fields as follows:

Mr B Reilly, Director of Housing & Community Services, WBC

Dear Mr Reilly,

I write to formally object to the council's proposal to dispose of this property.

The proposal is clearly not in the long-term interests of the local community.

There should have been direct consultation on this proposal with local community groups with a  clear interest in this open space and its use as playing fields - such as the Roehampton Trust, the Roehampton Forum and the Putney Society.  No such consultation has taken place.

The proposed arrangements for continued community use of the playing fields are far too vague and limited.  They do not protect the local community's interests adequately.  What community use will there be of these playing fields after 10 years?  Probably none.

The proposed 'management committee' will have no community involvement.  There ought to be representatives on it of groups such as the Roehampton Forum and the Putney Society to ensure that the local community interest is adequately protected.

There is no provision in the proposed lease for the protection of the established tree belts on the western and southern edges of the playing fields.  Given the cavalier approach of Roehampton University to mature trees over recent months, the future of these trees must be at risk.

Can I urge you to carry out a proper and adequate consultation with the local community before proceeding with this proposal?  I would be happy to help you to organise this.

Yours sincerely,

John Horrocks
Putney Society Open Spaces Panel Convener
2 Angel Mews
Roehampton High Street
SW15 4HU

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