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Topic: Town Hall Rich List
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Posted by: Sophie Hamilton
Date/Time: 28/04/12 00:54:00

Well now I think we need to talk about this one:

Apparently in 2010/11 the Council had two chief executives and they both cost us well over £300,000 in total presumably a job share and don't forget the two pensions.

Then we had some people the councillors have not even heard of, getting huge amounts-  who is  N Powlson Assistant Director of Administration and why is he getting £210,000 pa - since when did admin become such an important responsible job..surely even in the public sector administration does not carry much in the way of risk.

Then we have the highest paid bloke of all, posted about him elsewhere, looking after all our children apparently (or possibly harassing their parents until they have a nervous break down and get admitted to the Priory and resign their jobs as councillors... good one for kids that....)  getting paid a whopping £213,000 - mind you only £3000 more than the assistant administrator - I'd be asking for a pay rise if I was you Mr Highest Paid; those increments are looking a bit thin to me.

Mind you that was 2010/11 I am sure we will see some belt tightening in 2011/12 like the rest of us.........hmmm maybe not. Keep up the good work serving us the public. 

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