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Topic: Clone town Putney
Posted by: Richard Carter
Date/Time: 16/09/10 09:11:00

Interesting to see a reference in last night's Evening Standard  to New Economics Foundation's report on Britain's clone towns (where individual,local shops are replaced by chains like Gap, Next etc). The worst in London for this trend was apparently "South Richmond" (eh?) and second worst was East Putney, with Putney coming 8th in the list.

No surprise that Putney was high on the list, but East Putney??? As far as I recall there isn't a single clone shop in East Putney, so what is the basis for this? That Putney itself features highly is no surprise, but you have to wonder about a report that defines East Putney as a clone town - and what do they mean by South Richmond and why distinguish it from Richmond, which doesn't feature in the report at all?

You can see for yourselves at

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