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Topic: Parcel Delivery
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Posted by: Barbara Stevens
Date/Time: 13/01/21 16:23:00

I was speaking to a Delivery driver delivering parcels today. His van was a 2019 non electric, owned by the company he works for. So if he has a new van that means who will get their parcels in Oct 2021. If the ULEZ is coming to Putney all charges will go up for your parcel delivery for what that company is expected to pay to come into Putney. All Builders and every other delivery will put their prices up, if we are brought into that zone. Some on here may think their getting their own way. But what are you going to do when you need a builder urgent and no charging points, or the builders don't want to come to you and pay the ULEZ. A lot on here are full of themselves regarding this, but wait till you have water p===ing out everywhere, the builder tells you no thanks get somebody else.

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