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Topic: The Roehampton Forum - meeting on Friday 13 January at 10.30am
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Posted by: John Horrocks
Date/Time: 08/01/12 21:25:00

The Roehampton Forum seeks to bring the community in Roehampton together by organising meetings open to all the many local groups, organisations, businesses, public bodies, the ward Councillors, residents, etc., who would like to participate in its deliberations.  The meetings are held in the Kairos Centre, Mount Angelus Road, off Danebury Avenue - on Friday mornings every eight weeks or so.  The next meeting is this coming Friday at 10.30am.  Coffee and biscuits are served from 10.15.

The meetings are chaired by Rev Jim McKinney, the Vicar of Roehampton.  The agenda usually has two topics of current local interest, then there is a review of regular items, eg, local health issues and youth issues.

This week's special topics are: 'the prospects for regeneration in the centre of Roehampton' - a review by Steve Diamond, the borough council's Deputy Economic Development Officer and then "Wandsworth and the Localism Act - a marriage made in heaven for Roehampton?'.  The speaker will be from the town hall's Policy Unit.

If you are interested then please come along on Friday.  Or, if you would like to be on the Forum's mailing list then contact the Vicar in Ponsonby Road with your details.

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