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Topic: When will WBC fix their database?
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Posted by: Patricia Poulter
Date/Time: 13/10/10 22:45:00

This situation has been going on since 27 July and is still not fixed.
Accessing planning applications, applicants plans and residents comments is still not fixed. I tried this evening to see if Arton Wilson House had been approved at yesterday's Committee meeting and can't access the details.
The excuses and expressions of frustration at this failure keep coming from WBC, deadlines for fixing the problems have come and gone but still no solution has been found.
Last time I managed to open an application and access documents, it took about 25 seconds to open a single page document.

With the consultation for the new planning strategy for Putney for the next 15 years up for consultation from 29th October what assurances can be put forward that the process will not be wrecked by these IT failures?

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