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Posted by: Cordelia Meacher
Date/Time: 16/08/10 21:01:00

Hello all, I'm Martin Hime's youngest daughter, Cordelia. 

I came online tonight to put up a post to let you all know that he died on 7th August - but have been so touched to see that the news is already up, and so grateful to you all for all your lovely comments about my truly wonderful father.  Dad died as he wished, in the family home he was born in (in 1928) on Dover House Road, surrounded by his children, and in the end in no pain or distress (after some suffering). 

Dad gained a lot of pleasure from the Putney SW15 forum - he didn't mind if people didn't agree with him, but he approved of debate and sensible, intelligent discussions about issues that matter.

We are holding a Service of Thanksgiving for Dad this Thursday 19th August at 3.15pm at St Margaret's Church, Putney Park Lane.  It goes without saying that you are all hugely welcome. 

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