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Topic: Big Lunch Sunday 18th July
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Posted by: Vanessa Andrews
Date/Time: 12/07/10 15:26:00

Just wanted to let you all know that there are several Big Lunch street parties planned for next Sunday in Putney. 

The idea - invented by the Eden Project in 2009 - is that we get together to close the road (we had to pay the Council for permission etc, naturally...) and have lunch in the middle of the street, and actually meet and hang out with our neighbours and have some fun.

I have registered one for Stanbridge Road from 12-6pm - all neighbours welcome, bring your own chair and food, plus maybe a bit to share and a ball to kick around!  Hopefully we can shift a few cars to make some space, and the sun will shine!

Others in Putney are at Balmuir Gardens, Borneo Street, Clarendon Drive, Galveston Road, Gwalior Road, Putney Bridge Road, Dover House Estate, Cats Back plus quite a few elsewhere in Wandsworth - check the website for more details.

Here's hoping for good weather and the chance to make new friends.


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