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Topic: Interest in setting up food box schemes in Putney?
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Posted by: Sara Trewhitt
Date/Time: 14/05/10 09:26:00

Hello All,

I recently moved to Putney, and have been a bit disappointed by the lack of a farmers market or other outlets to purchase local/organic food. I understand from reading other threads on the forum that the farmers market faltered here -- though there is a the fish monger every week near St. Mary's Church.

We started using one of the larger organic box delivery services (Riverford) -- and while the produce is lovely -- it would be great to support a more local operation which also contributes to fostering a sense of local community.

Growing Communities is a  organisation in East London which runs a farmers' market, a local box scheme and promotes local gardening -- all in an comprehensive effort to create a more sustainable local food system. Having been so successful in East London, the group is now developing a programme to help other communities create similar local food markets and box schemes. Here is a link to the website describing the programme --

So, wondering if folks think that there would be any support in Putney for such a programme? Given my recent arrival (a month ago) in Putney, I don't really have the local knowledge or contacts necessary to evaluate that -- or do much to promote it -- but I would be keen to work with others who do know the local area and think this might be a good idea for the area.

If there is any interest, perhaps you can respond to this thread -- and if there is enough/any interest, we could set up a time/place to meet to discuss further.



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