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Topic: The Rocket JD Wetherspoons!!!
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Posted by: Nick Austin
Date/Time: 27/04/10 22:48:00

I have just been to one of the opening nights at The Rocket under Putney Wharf.  It have been taken over by the Wetherspoons family, I have to say they have completely missed what the sort of people in Putney like and want from a pub. 

The decor is beyond bad, with swirly carpets; laminate flooring discussing itself as par key flooring and veneer oak panelling on the walls. 

The food menu is cheap I grant them that but nothing that comes out of the kitchen has seen an oven or grill in its life the wall of microwaves in the kitchen seem to sum up what sort of food they plan on serving there in the future. 

I have been told that the licence is granted till 11pm 7 days a week which must delight the residence in the area and The Boathouse.  No more cocktails outside looking at the buses going over Putney Bridge and having a cigarette if you are a member of the ever decreasing smoking population of Putney as no drinks are allowed outside. 

I am trying desperately hard to find some positives out of my evening there, which is very hard to do.  There is one though apart from one specific manager there the staff are delightful and very keen to help.  It may be large corporate customer services being drummed into the but I did find them very nice and helpful indeed.  As for the one member of staff that is completely unsuitable I did make my feelings very clear as to how I felt. 

As for will i be going back?  i would only go back to find out if they have fired the member of staff that should never have got the job in the first place. You can get cheaper breakfast and better coffee at Sally@StMarys.  You can get cheaper better drinks in the Putney Station,   and cheaper better quality food in the Jolly Gardeners and a better view and atmosphere at The Dukes Head. 

There is no reason for anyone in Putney or the surrounding area to ever need to go to The Rocket.  It is such a shame as the building is amazing and the area is a lovely place to spend the evening. The sense of disappointment is still overwhelming as they have got it so badly wrong it is almost funny. 

Has anyone else been in yet and if so what are your thoughts?

I will raise a glass the day they close for good!

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