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Topic: Richmond Park response from Public Engagement & Recognition Unit
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Posted by: Sandi Bloomfield
Date/Time: 10/02/10 12:11:00

A friend wrote to Margaret Hodge in response to the car park charge proposal for Richmond Park.

Not a Putney resident he passed on eth resonse to me to post & share:
Good Afternoon,
Thank you for your recent e-mail, following the announcement by the Minister for Culture, the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, of her decision to implement car parking charges in Richmond and Bushy Parks.
Margaret Hodge announced her decision to proceed with parking charges after considering all the available evidence, including additional research undertaken in light of the many of the comments received in the consultation.  This information has been published in the Press section of The Royal Parks (TRP) website   .

The Minister and TRP are aware of the strength of feeling on this issue and accept that parking charges will not be popular amongst people who are used to paying nothing. Richmond and Bushy Parks are unusual in that they do still provide free parking and TRP already charges in its other parks with public parking provision. Car parking charges are a way of discouraging private car usage with the beneficial impact that this can have on the park ambiance and on the experience of those who visit.

Yours faithfully
Chris Green
Public Engagement & Recognition Unit
Department for Culture, Media & Sport

Please accept my apologies for the lack of a personal address.  The amount of correspondence now received on this subject has necessitated the sending out of replies in bulk.


He was had been led to believe the Parks needed to raise income from the charges but it appears that "a way of discouraging private car usage" is the main idea -  but how does that stop people using the park as a short cut? - It doesn't!

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