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Topic: Eating Behaviour Research
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Posted by: Helen Graves
Date/Time: 19/01/10 13:23:00

Hi all, I'm a Putney resident and PhD student looking for people to take part in my research into eating behaviour (control of, in particular). Taking part involves a face to face interview at a time and location convenient to you. All very informal, just discussing your experience. Details below... 

Do you:
Try, but often fail, to control your eating?
Try, and usually succeed, to control your eating?
Have you tried for a long time and finally succeeded in controlling your eating?

At this point in the project I am looking for females, aged over 25, with English as their first language.

The research is looking at the similarities and differences in the experiences of people who try but often fail to manage their eating behaviour and those who try and usually succeed to manage their eating behaviour. The study is hoping to shed light on the nature of the ‘intention behaviour gap’ – a term that is used in health psychology to describe the difference between the behaviours we intend to perform and the behaviours that we actually do perform.

If you are willing to take part, and/or would like more information, please contact me:

Helen Graves
Faculty of Health and Social Care
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London SE1 0AA


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