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Topic: 510 parking charges at Gunnersbury Park
Posted by: Gareth Sinclair
Date/Time: 09/03/23 14:13:00

I parked my car for an hour to walk my dog on Xmas, Boxing, and News years day, I assumed (I know silly) being bank holidays parking would be free, when I asked around the virtually empty car park everyone assumed the same as the notices aren't clear. The total charges for the three sessions would have come to less than 2.50p. I recieved PCN notices for each occassion. When I appealed saying it was a genuine mistake and that I pay on all other occassions I got short shrift from the Parks parking agent (Gemini Parking Solutions) saying I should have read the terms oand conditions (which arewnt on their app) and I was parked on private property. I find this strange as the park is owned by Ealing and Hounslow Councils and I am local tax payer. I appealed to the Parks CEO and my local councilors to intervene and use their discretion as Gemini informed me that the Park made the regulations. I've heard nothing back.
Even if I'm clearly in the wrong the penalty charges totally 510 is grossly disproportante and unreasonable (after the initial PCNs Gemini referred me straight to their debt recovery agency charging me a 70 admin charge for each PCN).
I have managed to get some national media interest in this story and Id be interested other people's experiences? thank you.

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