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Topic: Werter Road.
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Posted by: Barbara Stevens
Date/Time: 20/04/21 16:38:00

About 2 o clock today I was going for my 2nd vaccine at the Scout Hall. On the High street at the end of Werter Rd, the men were cementing the floor. Water was absolutely gushing out because their hose never fitted over the tap properly. I said do you realize it's pouring out as it's soaking everybody's feet and shoes. He didn't understand me all he could say was it's only water. What a waste, so I suppose that's why water is so expensive because of the likes of waster's.  Also now all the work is being done in Werter Rd, now the one's who like a drink have now decided to use the benches put at the coffee shop opposite in Chelverton Rd.

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