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Topic: Please Support The Bricklayer's Arms
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Posted by: Carl Broadley
Date/Time: 19/02/21 14:13:00

I'm sure most of you know the Bricklayer's. It's a lovely pub that serves some great ales, an independent Putney business, and comes with 200 years of history. They are looking for support to renovate the premises so they can be open again when we are allowed back to pubs.

Pictures of the renovations so far are on their Twitter account -

I don't have any affiliation with the Bricklayer's. I just have memories of some great times in there, which I hope I can add to.

It has been a while, so for the benefit of those who have forgotten what they are, a pub is a place where people go to socialise with friends :) They have all suffered immensely because of COVID, and I'm hoping Putney's pubs can survive.

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