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Topic: Lower Richmond Road - New Riviera!
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Posted by: Nick Gulliford
Date/Time: 13/08/20 05:42:00

Driving down the LRR the last few Monday - Wednesday’s
It’s bought so many smiles to my face seeing tables packed outside Blades, they have new owners. Germani still helping out but the new owners have made such an effort. Tables all along Rotherwood Road, the atmosphere looks superb!
Also outside Bosa the Lebanese it’s packed.
I saw inside Julia Domna and whilst I worry about their lack of external seating, that was packed inside there as well.
Good bless the independent restaurants of Putney they’ve deserved this. It’s a masterstroke from Rishi as well, people have experienced restaurants they might never have tried before and once you build a relationship with the owners you go back if you’ve had a good experience.

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