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Topic: DVLA/Car tax/MOT
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Posted by: Bunny Payne
Date/Time: 20/04/20 19:45:00

I have emailed the DVLA about this problem, but just wanted a few opinions.

I have a Toyota Aygo, which does nor require road tax to be paid. However, I have to go through the taxing system (usually online) each year...fair enough.

I had the car booked in for an MOT and service in March, but then cancelled because of the Coronavirus distancing. But had heard that the MOT has been extended for 6

Got a letter today Last Chance!!!
I have no problem paying for my MOT (which I think will be fine) but I don't want to go to the garage and have to use the bus.
And my car doesn't need to pay road tax!!

Any opinions?? Thanks x

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