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Topic: Upside of covid 19
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Posted by: Simon Knight
Date/Time: 16/03/20 16:35:00

1. Less planes. Good for climate change.

2. General health (ex virus) will improve due to lack of readily   avaivable food. Our forebears went through all of this with bombs raining down.

3. A wake up call that homo sapiens are not infallible and can be laid low by a microscopic organism.

Of course downside. What precisely has our mayor done? Aside from a few tweets sweet FA as far as I'm aware.

Listening to LBC this morning an ad' proclaimed that if Londoners made one less car journey a week the air quality would improve. Perhaps, but air quality isn't the pressing issue ATM.

Perhaps Khan should stick his head above the parapet and take decisive action a la a de Blasio.

He must be so relieved elections have been cancelled!

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